Meet New Connect 6 Team Member Sara

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Sara Choi

Today’s post introduces one of Connect 6’s newest marketing specialists, Sara Choi.

Sara graduated from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) and has lived in the C.S.R.A. for most of her life.

Here is what Sara had to say when asked about her first months on the Connect 6 team.


Q: Why do you enjoy working as a marketing specialist?

Sara: There’s a lot of different hats we have to wear; I like it better than being stuck doing one specific task. I like how we’re more than sales people – we’re consultants.   We get to work with a lot of different business owners, and I think that’s pretty cool.

Q: Why is Connect 6 a great place to work?

S: Not sure if culture’s the right word, but I like the values that Connect 6 has. The different community outreach programs and news programs we have are important to the community, which is something I really like about the TV station component of Connect 6. If our job is to help the community, having strong programming is important.

Q: What is your general approach with a client? In other words, summarize your plan for managing client relationships.

S: I always try to focus on each client like they’re my top priority, rather than focus on the sales part of it. It’s more important, for me, to be a consultant first and think how I can help my client reach their goals. Seeking the client’s benefit of working with me before seeking what’s in it for me is what builds lasting business relationships.