6 Ways Your Business Can Improve Its Facebook Content

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that his multi-billion-dollar social media platform with 214 million active users in the United States is changing its newsfeed algorithm yet again. The changes are expected to help users see more posts from their friends and reduce the amount of branded posts that naturally appear in their feed.

This news has businesses scared that their Facebook content won’t reach customers as frequently. While that’s true to a degree, Facebook isn’t excluding business’ posts from being seen; it’s causing businesses to create better posts that users are more likely to find interest in.

If you’re a nervous business owner, Connect 6 has six ways that you can improve your Facebook content to make sure these changes don’t keep you from reaching your customer base.

Quality over quantity

Frequency is a key element to marketing a business, but it’s just that: one element. Now more than ever, small businesses need to improve the quality of their Facebook content rather than the amount of “touches” followers receive. Engaging content that inspires conversation are the best performers. We recommend businesses stay away from hot button conversations, like politics, that don’t relate to their industry. Let CNN handle the political chatter.

Improve video strategy

If video isn’t already a part of a business’ social media strategy, then it’s trying to drag race in a Prius (Horrible Bosses. Anyone?). Business’ should mix in regular and live video that grabs the audience’s attention in the first three seconds. Hook, line, and sinker.

Reach the audience when it’s online

Businesses should use Facebook analytics to get a better idea of which days and times of the day they’re audience is usually online. Hearing crickets after a post is a bad sign.

Be there to engage with audience

Facebook’s new algorithm will encourage businesses to stay on top of customer’s questions and comments on their page. Timely answers and conversation-driving responses are critical.

Pay to play

Businesses need to budget for Facebook and other social media marketing. That’s certainly a bias statement coming from a marketing company, but no matter who’s the mouthpiece, the message rings true. Businesses don’t need to spend a fortune to advertise on Facebook, but they need to spend money on highly targeted strategies that impact they’re social reach.

Get some help

Partnering with a reputable marketing company that’s up-to-speed on current trends will help businesses improve their social strategy and give them more time to focus on improving. If you’re a business owner in the C.S.R.A., consider adding Connect 6 to your marketing team.