Sara Choi


Sara is a recent graduate at the University of Georgia as a Marketing major and a Communication Studies minor. She specialized in Digital Marketing and had placed herself in positions during every summer to help her grow professionally and academically. She was also a member of a business fraternity called Pi Sigma Epsilon, where networking and professional growth in business was guaranteed.

With prior experience in both sales and digital marketing, being an Account Executive at WJBF is a job that Sara feels well-suited toward.

She loves helping people and being passionate about being an important vessel for a company’s marketing tactics.

Sara moved back to Augusta, GA after graduating from her university, and is now living comfortably with the support of her friends and family surrounding her.

Outside of work, Sara enjoys spending quality time with friends, family, and her 3 dogs. You can find her at the gym or at numerous restaurants around this market, because her passion also involves health and food.