Reva Myles

adam-2Cheerful and helpful in every way in this business, Reva is a bright and growing star here at WJBF NewsChannel 6. She is very detail-oriented and analytical in her work and she has the technical skills to prove it.

Reva started her career at Georgia Southern University as being the 1st Place Winner at the American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference in 2016, where she obtained her internship as a Sales Assistant at Aerotek in Savannah, Ga. After that, she started her media career as a producer/digital content specialist for local shows such as; The Dish, Local Living and The Jennie Show at WJBF NewsChannel 6 here in Augusta, Ga. Reva’s work ethic and persistence shined through the clutter, as she was promoted to Sales Coordinator for her fine work and achievements.

She is now Google Analytics Certified and works with the team to help them with research and strategic planning for both digital and television. As a hybrid of digital and television advertising, she prides herself in her work, her research, and her clients. Reva is also apart of the American Ad Federation in Augusta, Ga which is an advertising prestigious group in America.

As she creates her footprint in the advertising world here in Augusta, Reva is sure to give each and every client she stumbles upon white-glove service while building her career. If she is not focused on her work, Reva loves to watch Disney movies, sports and spend time with her family.