6 Favorite Ways Advertisers are Capitalizing on Pokemon Go to Drive Business

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You can’t escape it. Pokemon Go is everywhere; you can even find your next date using Pokemon! Admittedly, some may say this Pokemon craze has gone a little far, and we don’t completely disagree with that but we certainly are having fun talking with our clients about ways to capitalize on this fun trend; especially in light of all the NOT fun things happening in the world. Here are six of our favorite ways advertisers have used Pokemon Go to drive business:

Don’t Catch and Drive

Forget texting and driving– This body shop hopes they don’t have to see you as a result of catching Pokemon and driving!

Catching Pokemon on the Go

If you want to 100% ensure that you don’t wreck your car catching Pokemon while driving, why not leave the driving up to someone else? Trainers in Boston were able to take advantage of a one day deal in which Zipcar offered free rides to those looking to catch all the Pokemons!

Pokemon Happy Hour

PokemonGo Happy Hour PokemonGo Happy Hour Mello

Explore your Town, or Visit a New One

What better way to get a feel for all the cool things happening in your own backyard, or explore a new city or town than by catching Pokemon while you’re at it? In fact, here’s a cheat sheet for how to catch them all in Georgia.

Get Excited for College Football

College football teams around the country are using Pokemon to get fans excited about football (as if you needed help getting excited…); everything from promoting tickets sales to stadium tours, to hosting events in their stadiums!

Catch a Baseball Game, Catch Pokemon

Greenjackets Pokemon Go Night



We’re excited to see what advertisers come up with next- and we are having lots of fun brainstorming good ideas with our clients in the process. Keep an eye out for our work coming soon!