Connect 6 Gets Festive with Christmas Movies

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As the days until Christmas inch closer and closer, the team at Connect 6 is busy getting themselves in the Christmas spirit (when they’re not hard at work, of course…) Here are some of their favorite movies that make them feel jolly and bright:


Kaleigh-Grinch“I love How The Grinch Stole Christmas. The Grinch was so bitter about the spirit of Christmas, and in the end, his heart grew three times bigger because he finally knew that the meaning of Christmas wasn’t about gifts. The storyline illustrates how Christmas is about giving and not receiving.”





“Every TV in our house is set to the Hallmark Channel during the holidays. It’s safe from inappropriate scenes and foul language. Not every Christmas movie is family friendly…”




Jacob Santa ClauseOne of my best friends and I have always loved Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause. It provides just as many laughs for me as Christmas Vacation, and also portrays a good story about family.




It's a Wonderful LifeIt’s a Wonderful Life is the most classic Christmas movie of all-time. I really enjoy the story it tells. It’s also more appropriate than my second-favorite Christmas movie, Bad Santa.

– Carter



Christmas Vacation KevinChristmas Vacation  because it’s hilarious and always gets me in a good mood. I like how it has a happy ending when Clark, thanks to Cousin Eddie, finally gets the bonus he needs to pay for his pool.




Prep and LandingChoosing Disney’s Prep and Landing might be odd to some, but my kids and I love watching Prep & Landing. It’s a cute holiday special, and anyone that knows us is aware of our love for everything Disney. Wish they’d come out with more new ones.




Charlie Brown ChristmasI’ve watched A Charlie Brown Christmas every year since I was a little kid and it always puts me in the Christmas spirit. I love the music too- I could listen to it year round (and maybe I do…).



Denise Elf


Elf! It’s funny! Everyone is a kid when they watch Elf, and I love Santa…I know him.



From all of us at Connect 6, we wish you a safe and fun holiday season and be sure to stay tuned for more great things in 2017 from Connect 6!