6 Writing Apps for Crafting Better Social Media Posts

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Most of us aren’t winning a spelling bee or crafting Pulitzer Prize-worthy writing anytime soon. But each of us has room to improve our everyday professional writing. Social media is viewed by some as informal – correct grammar doesn’t matter. In actuality, it’s important for businesses to use good grammar in all social media posts in order to establish credibility with consumers.

Here are six desktop and mobile apps that can help improve your business writing. Most are free; some offer paid versions.


Most of us should never be mistaken for grammar police; grammatical errors such as spelling are bound to happen – especially when you’re trying to rush out a post or email. However, businesses that consistently struggle to catch grammatical errors on posts can lose credibility with their audience. Grammarly is a free app more advanced than spell check on Microsoft Word. It flags everything from spelling to poor word choices, and can operate while you’re actively typing a post on social media.

Hemingway App

Not so sure Ernest Hemingway would’ve been a great writing teacher from what we know about his temper and struggle with alcoholism. The Hemingway App captures everything great about Hemingway the writer by helping writers use more concise words, use active voice instead of passive, and give suggestions for better word choices. The desktop version has a $19.99 price tag, but given how intuitive this app is, the price is worth every penny.

Power Thesaurus

You ever look up the synonym for some fancy word only to be given a list of other fancy, I-still-don’t-know-what-it-means words? Power Thesaurus is a writing tool that wants to fix that. Its crowd-funded setup generates synonyms from a community of writers. Like Reddit, users can rank synonym suggestions.

Polish My Writing

Polish My Writing is a grammar app that goes beyond grammar suggestions. Users can also get suggestions on writing style. Spelling errors, grammar suggestions, and style suggestions, are each color coded differently to diminish clutter while editing.


Remember that kid in school who was smarter than the teacher? Who loved writing so much that he or she would ask to proofread the word salad you tried to sell the teacher as an English paper? Wordy is like having the ultimate proofreader by your side. Send your social media content to Wordy and it will match your content with a real proofreader who will proofread and offer feedback.


If you do a lot of writing (social media directors raise your hands high), Ulysses is the quintessential app that organizes all of your writing in one place. It synchronizes with all your devices, so if you start writing a few posts on an iPad, you can finish on your MacBook. Did we mention you can use Ulysses to organize all writing? That includes texts, letters, social media content; you name it.