6 Ways to Use March Madness for Marketing Your Business

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Here’s six ways Connect 6 believes you can utilize the fun surrounding the NCAA Tournament to market your business. 

Create a bracket challenge

Filling out a bracket – or brackets – before the NCAA Tournament is like common law. Don’t watch college basketball or know anything about the schools playing in the tournament? No problem. Plenty of bracket challengers won their office pool by picking all teams with cool mascot names (I’m taking the Ragin Cajuns). If your company website receives strong traffic, create your own tournament bracket challenge for site visitors to participate in. incentivize participants with a prize. This will help increase traffic to your site and will help show customers that you’re not all business; you like to have fun, too.

Host a giveaway

Like the bracket challenge, minus the bracket part. Tell followers on your social media accounts that they can win X if they like, share, comment, come into the store, hop on one foot – you get the idea. Be creative. One giveaway suggestion: give the lucky March Madness contest winner a new flat screen TV. Who wouldn’t want to watch UNC cut down the nets on a new, free-of-charge, flat screen?

Host a March promotion

From March 1st until the very last day of the month, create a promotion (discount, buy one get one free, rebate) that relates to basketball. Because of the NCAA Tournament’s vast popularity, just using a basketball-themed promotion should interest potential customers.

Create a clever commercial

If your business already advertises on TV, get your brightest minds together and cook up a clever commercial with a March Madness theme, like this spot from a car dealer.

Trivia/fan polls on website

Click on ESPN.com or, actually, any sports site and you’ll be greeted with a fan poll or trivia question pulled out of the sporting world. Try creating your own trivia question or fan poll related to March Madness and slap it on the company website and share it on social media. Although this isn’t a direct marketing tactic, it still engages potential customers and helps your business seem more relatable.

Leverage ads on social media

Honestly, this one should be at the very top of this post. If you’re not already leveraging social media to reinforce your business’ marketing strategies, then what’s the holdup?  Next year, when you create a March Madness marketing campaign using all of our suggestions, make sure the campaign is a slam dunk by sharing the marketing elements on your social channels.


March Madness concludes with the national championship on April 3rd, but don’t let that stop your business from leveraging the popularity of basketball to get customers excited. The NBA is just heating up with playoffs beginning in mid-April and continuing through mid-June.

For information on trademark restrictions and guidelines for creating NCAA Tournament-themed advertising, please consult the NCAA Trademark Protection Program.