6 Ways Augusta Changes During Masters Week

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Masters Week pic

Augusta, GA, becomes the Golf Capital of the World each first week in April. Here are six ways that the Garden City becomes a little different during Masters Week.

Houses have temporary guests

Augusta knew about Airbnb before there ever was Airbnb. Each year, many Augustans rent out their houses to golf patrons, media companies, and even golfers for Masters Week while they take a weeklong vacation. Staying in a cozy home compared to a hotel room makes Masters Week an even more intimate experience for those fortunate to be a houseguest.

Augustans show off their best hospitality

During Masters Week, Augustans are like the new tech company trying to impress Microsoft into buying their innovative product; they pull out all the stops to make sure Bill Gates feels appreciated. What’s more welcoming than giving up your home to an out-of-towner for an entire week?

Live music is. Every. Where.

For one week each year, Augusta challenges Austin, Texas, and New Orleans for best US cities to listen to live music. The annual “Rock Fore! Dough” and “Major Rager” concerts are staples each Masters Week, but those are only two options among many choices for live music throughout the week. Just about every bar in the Garden City will showcase local musicians for free or for a small cover charge each night of the week.

Meet patrons from all over the world

While you’re downtown enjoying a couple drinks with your live music, pay attention to who you meet. You’re bound to run into people from all over the US and other countries visiting Augusta for this one week only. If you’re a local, advise them on how to have fun outside of the tournament.

Restaurants have Masters Week specials

Just about every local restaurant in Augusta will have a drink or food special for the week. Whether that special is a cut in price (less likely) or a new menu item (more likely) depends on the restaurant. The bar & grill at the Partridge Inn off Walton Way has a special drink for Masters Week called “On the Green,” which includes a tropical mix of rums, Blue Curacao, melon liqueur, sour mix and pineapple juice.

Augusta is home to the world’s greatest golf tournament

The Masters Golf Tournament is considered the greatest golf tournament in the world. And the fact that Augusta – for the first week in April – is on the world stage is truly what makes Masters Week special and very different. Masters Champion, now tournament broadcaster, Sir Nick Faldo said it best when he described Augusta’s famous course: “The course is perfection and it asks perfection.”