6 Things That Caught Our Eye This Week

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Salena Gomez is the official queen bee of social media and is worth over half a million dollars per post, according to analytics group This valuation is based on an algorithm which measures 56 metrics including followers, post frequency, engagement, quality of post, click-thru and potential to create sales conversions from her social content. (via AdWeek)


We admit that we never saw Pokemon making a comeback, but it has and in a big way! What are some of the coolest ways you’ve seen Pokemon Go! been used to drive business? (via AdAge)

The importance of honesty on social media when it comes to not only your personal brand, but businesses as well. (via Huffington Post)
Mobile Consumer Decision Journey

Did you know that six in 10 internet users start shopping on one device but continue or finish on a different one, and 82% of smartphone users say they consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in a stores? (via Think with Google)


Have you ever been in a stressful situation where you feel like you can’t put together a rational thought to save your life? Here are a few simple tips to refresh your brain when you’re stressed! (via Inc.)

#BorderBowl4 is right around the corner– check out some highlights. Get excited for January 14th, 2017!