6 Reasons We’re Digging Email Marketing This Week

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Let’s talk about emails. Specifically, using e-mail to grow your business and reach your best customers. Did you know that email marketing reigns supreme when it comes to dollar for dollar investment–yielding a higher return on investment than SEO, content marketing and paid search!

If that isn’t reason in itself to be a fan of e-mail marketing, here are 6 more reasons that we are big fans of e-mail marketing:

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Consumer acquisition via email has quadrupled over the last 4 years

Largely this fact is due to the growth in the mobile space.  Statistically speaking, 49% of e-mails are opened on a mobile device, which means consumers could be reading your message at any time or anywhere; not just when they are chained to their desktop.


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You message is all the user will see.

When running any other form of advertising online, your screen time is typically shared with other advertisers… not with email! You have their undivided attention

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Email is a great compliment to other marketing efforts, but it can’t stand alone.

Email is so much more effective when paired with other marketing efforts such as search engine marketing, display advertising, or even television. The reason is because the more layers of marketing you have built in, you are able to reach consumers across multiple platforms in order to strengthen your message and brand

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Regional Brands outperform National Advertisers.  Local is king!

Consumers would much prefer to receive e-mails from a local or regional establishment than a national establishment the same way that they tune into their local news to find out what’s going on in their backyard, over tuning into national news that doesn’t directly affect them.

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Email is highly measurable

This allows marketers to take a deeper dive into consumer action and reaction to your business’s offers. From open rates to coupon redemptions to traffic to your website or social media page, pretty much everything in the e-mail you send out is trackable and gives you insight into how a consumer is responding to the messages your business is sending out.

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Trackable ROI.

Email marketing provides you the opportunity to accurately gauge the success of the campaign and determine what results your business saw. Did you invest $1,000 into an e-mail campaign and see your business grow by 11% this past month? We’d say e-mail marketing helped you achieve that growth, and that it was worth the investment!