6 Reasons Everyone Should Work in Sales at Least Once in their Life

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6 lessons learned working in sales (2)Glassdoor.com recently published a blog post in which they detailed professions in which employees have the potential to earn annual salaries of over $100k. Not surprisingly, many of the professions featured were in the medical and scientific industry, but the profession of regional sales executive was also one that made the list; and for good reason! Sales is found in every industry, and what a person sells can vary immensely but one thing stays constant: sales executives generally can control their own destiny when it comes to income, and that makes for a high earning potential. At Connect6, we are proud of the relationships we have built with our clients, but at the end of the day we have a product to sell and services to offer to help grow our clients’ business and meet their challenges. We like to think we do a pretty good job too; most of our team has been at it for quite some time and they’ve learned some things along the way. Here are our top 6 things we’ve learned working in sales:

  1. You learn that every day brings something new:

    Talk to anyone on our team and they will say that their favorite part of their job is the fact that every day is different: one day youare presenting a full-circle digital campaign to the president of a bank, and the next day you are acting in a commercial for a trampoline park bouncing off the walls!

  2. You learn to work well with a wide range of people at all levels:

    This is true both internally and externally. Internally, our team is made up of newbies and veterans alike; and everyone has a place at the table is and is voice heard in the crowd. Externally, we find ourselves meeting with business owners across a wide variety of industries and fields–you never know who you may meet and what story they have to tell!

  3. You learn to listen:

    While we may fancy ourselves experts in the field of marketing, we are by no means experts in every industry—but our clients are experts in their industry! Listening to a client’s most pressing business need is just as important as the ideas we bring them—you can’t bring a great idea if you haven’t listened to a word your client has said!

  4. You learn to ask good questions:

    We’ve learned that the best way to get people talking is to ask solid open-ended questions. Good questions prevent you from jumping to conclusions. Asking questions gives us the tools needed to show our clients how we have the power to solve their problems and meet their needs.

  5. You learn persistence:

    The hardest part of sales is being told no, but the best sales people see it as a challenge to do better rather than a rejection—we all need to hear no sometimes. It challenges us to come up with creative solutions!

  6. You learn to be extremely organized:

    As we mentioned earlier, every day is different and for that reason alone it pays to be very organized. Organization also becomes key when it comes to managing a client’s needs from start to finish— you need to keep track of who you are meeting with for the first time, who you are following up with, who you are presenting what to, who you are designing creative for, and who you are discussing campaign successes with. To-do lists become your friend!

What lessons have you learned while working in sales? let us know!