6 Marketing Memes That Have Us #ROFL

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Stay Classy Marketers

Even in business, you can’t always be serious, especially on Fridays. Take a look at six marketing memes that gave us a good laugh.

Stay classy, CSRA.

marketing-meme 1

Lionel Richie, we’re in sales. Is that a serious question?

marketing-meme 5

To all small business owners: Let us wear the smelly costume.

Each of us has been the famous Freddy the Forecaster at least once.

marketing-meme 4

Game of Thrones’ Eddard Stark knows a thing or two about SEM and geo-fencing.

marketing-meme 2

Well, Buddy, we like it a lot, too, and think it’s much more effective than creepily¬†smiling at the customer to get a purchase.

marketing-meme 6

So…you’re saying there’s a chance my fabulous sales pitch worked!?

marketing-meme 3

I know you like living dangerously, bab-ay, but let us take a load off your plate and take care of the marketing.