6 (+1) Mobile Trends Every Small Business Should Follow in 2017

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People are living faster and busier lives by the year. Each new year is like trading in your car for a new model that provides just a little more juice than the last. This busyness and constant change have made our use of mobile devices – particularly, our phones – more valuable. 

US companies spent over $40.24 billion on mobile advertising in 2016 – and not every company was a big brand such as Nike, McDonald’s, or Walmart. Mobile marketing is trending upward and won’t be on the decline for a long time. Small businesses have an excellent opportunity to reach more local consumers than ever before by using a marketing strategy that, when implemented appropriately, is significantly cost-effective.

The smartphone has become a personal, and almost sacred, object. For half of mobile phone users, it’s the last thing they see when they go to bed and the first thing they wake up to.

After reading the above quote, reflect on your own daily mobile usage. Do you set an alarm on your phone before going to bed? Do you browse Facebook in the morning after switching the alarm off?

Kind of scary how profoundly connected those little devices are to our lives.

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